Who we are

A team that loves to create

iPCFix was established in 2011 by a couple of young enthusiastic computer experts with the help of the Oasis International CEO. Their main goal for entering into this business was to help the people of their hometown, Sacramento, with their computer problems. They knew that in today’s modern world almost everyone has access to a computer on a regular basis whether it’s for work, for play, or for keeping up with friends and family on social networks.

These computers that we use daily might get viruses throughout time, get hijacked by hackers, start to run slow, or not even turn on one day. This is where iPCFix can help. Our professional technicians will help you with your problems whether it’s your work laptop or your home PC.

iPCFix knows that all computers need to be maintained very well, and you need good service to have a reliable computer. It is our job to “DO IT THE RIGHT WAY” for our customers.


The Founders of iPCFix Computer Repair and Sales are family friends of over a decade, the fate of retirement having brought these two families together in a land of opportunity.

Hamid received his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Hardware Engineering in 1984 from one of the Middle East's most respected universities, the University of Tehran, and after graduation traveled to England, eventually spending 2 years living there. Presently, he has over 28 years of experience in the IT field, and throughout his career has worked with many respected companies in the computer hardware industry, such as MSI, ACER, IBM, COMPAQ, WINCOR-NIXDORF, FUJITSU-SIEMENS, and finally, ASUS. He was also a Project Manager for 8 years at Iran's Telecommunication Center and has 11 years of experience as a partner in the Computer Hardware Company of Iran. Hamid has 9 years of experience in automated banking, where be became one of the first people to bring ATM machines to Iran. After leaving Iran, Hamid moved to Dubai, UAE, and worked as an entrepreneur before moving, finally, to the United States.


7 Things We Do Better

  1. We Listen First, Offer Solutions Second. Our team is trained on the “Doctor Analogy”. In the world of technology, we are your “Doctor”. We listen to your concerns, check for symptoms and diagnose the situation. We offer our proposed remedy, but will also provide options and the risks associated with each. We will work with you as a team to resolve all matters.
  2. Repairs Done Right, Fast. Why wait all day for your computer to be repaired? Your computer and business network is important to you. That’s where our support team and computer network specialist come in. You can always access our computer support techs over the phone and we can even remotely service your computers providing access to a certified technician anywhere you have internet access.
  3. We Like To Keep It Simple. If you have any problems or computer support questions, you can ask our techs and we will answer in PLAIN ENGLISH. There is absolutely no intimidating “geek speak” by our support professionals.
  4. We Guarantee Absolute 100% Satisfaction. The total satisfaction you deserve awaits you with our technology services and Computer consulting. With our certified techs and service excellence, nothing will get in the way to make sure you are a happy customer.
  5. No Surprises, No Tricks. Your network or data will not be damaged, that’s a promise. Before we begin computer maintenance services, we check first to see if there are any possible problems and alert you first. We will explain to you any potential risks involved and get your okay before we begin the work. An alternative process is to have your data synchronize and backed up before we proceed any further on your machine.
  6. All Repairs Completed According to Schedule AND Budget – Guaranteed. Know that by bringing your computer to us, working on a project or performing network services, there will be no nickel and diming for charges that are unexpected. Sometimes this happens with unethical and incompetent technicians who have the improper training or lack of research. We do the right thing and make no excuses. Your technology needs will be completed within time constraints, resources, scope, and budget.
  7. Expect Accuracy With Our Billing. Every invoice from us is spelled out in detail and completely accurate. We guarantee it. You pre-approve all IT services charges and we bill you accordingly. You’ll never be surprised.